Flaneur Productions, in association with The Ritz Theater, is proud to present:



The Ritz Theater

345 13th Ave NE Minneapolis


Flaneur Productions are proud to present the seventh annual Heliotrope exhibition of underground music from the Twin Cities and sometimes elsewhere. This year we have still more new acts from the area and a few friends making the trek from their homes across the state line (Sadhu Sadhu, Seeded Plain and Maria Chavez), and we are as excited as we have ever been about the immense talent, dedication, sincerity and invention that will be on display this year.

The event will once again take place at the beautiful Ritz Theatre in Northeast Minneapolis, from May 27th through May 29th.
Video montage by Emily Kaplan throughout!

The daily admission charge has been raised slightly due to rising costs,
but the three day pass will remain the same as in previous years, making the third day free if one pays for two days.

In short, $10.00 per day or $20.00 for a three-day pass. Tickets will be avalable at the door.

Music will start promptly at 6:00 PM each day, and go until midnight.
The schedule will be followed as closely as humanly possible.

Hope to see you there. We are looking forward to it.



11:00 International Novelty Gamelan

10:30 Dallas Orbiter

10:00 Lighted

9:30 Delta Lyrae

9:00 The Trapezoids

8:30 Seeded Plain and Maria Chavez

8:00 Visions Of Christ

7:30 The Quaking Bogge

7:00 Shep and Me

6:00 Pink Teeth



11:00 Mother of Fire

10:30 Seawhores

10:00 Fuckhead Rogering And The Goddamn Henhouse

9:00 Sadhu Sadhu

8:30 Take Acre

8:00 BruteHeart

7:30 Jesse Petersen

7:00 Davu Seru and George Cartwright

6:00 Milo Fine



11:00 Moonstone Continuum

10:00 Daughters Of The Sun

9:30 Tender Meat

9:00 Thunderbolt Pagoda

8:30 Gay Beast

8:00 Chickadee Mountain Martyrs

7:30 Group Icky Rats

7:00 John Zuma St Pelvyn

6:30 Aerosol Pike with Milo Fine

6:00 Dubbelboss